Autism Notes: Disclosure

If anyone tells you they are Autistic please do not presume to know their experience and respond by saying, “you don’t look autistic,” or “but you can make eye contact,” or “well clearly your high on the spectrum,” or “everyone is on the spectrum,” or the dreaded, “you’re not Autistic.”

These are all incredibly presumptuous, condescending, alienating, and factually incorrect. If someone felt vulnerable enough with you to share something like this, please do not assume you know more than that person about their own self awareness.

Please do not assume you know more than their doctors, or they themselves, how hard their life may be by what you can “see.” Autism is neurological. You cannot always see it. Sometimes there are traits that manifest in obvious behaviors. Sometimes, the opposite is also true. Autism is a different brain mapping, again, you cannot always see it.

It probably took that person years of painstaking analysis and training, self or otherwise, to be able to “pass” as neurotypical. If you can’t tell it is probably because that person has worked hard to fit in this world. Don’t make presumptions about other people, even friends. If a person says something about themselves believe their experience, not your own judgement of their experience.

End rate thingy…

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