Autism: Vaccines Causing Autism

I do not think vaccines caused my Autism. I am not willing to change my mind about this.

This does not mean I do not care deeply for all those affected very severely by Autism.

This does not mean I don’t understand how difficult it is to help raise a child with Autism, especially as a parent without Autism.

My beliefs do not mean I don’t empathize with families struggling.
I believe all beings are equal, both disabled and not. I will never use functioning labels. I firmly disagree with them and I have many reasons why.
I will never say I am higher than anyone else. I will never say someone is lower than me, this includes spiritually, energetically, abled or disabled.

I will never presume to know another persons experience and I expect the same from my friends. Want to know about me? Ask me.

But do not shame me, judge me, use your experiences to override mine or try and silence my truth because you think you know better.

These are my boundaries.
Respect them.

Ableism is real.
Spiritual bypassing is real.

And there is no space for either on my page.
This is my space. I am not willing to argue about this.

Love me or leave me.
Agree or disagree.
This subject is not open for debate.

-Angel Marie Russell

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