Autism: Assumptions and Labels

Hey lovelies,

Please know my writing comes from a place of healed perspective. Not one of distress or alarm in my current life. (Though it has before and that is fine by me.) I am currently quite happy and extremely content. I love my life. I love my boyfriend, my family, his family, my sacred sisterhood, my puppies, and Mr. cat.

I see the world differently with eyes that are alive with wonder. My heart beats full with the vibrancy I find in every day. And I am full. I am love. And I am all of me.

Please do not assume to know where I am on my healing journey. I share my truth because I want other hearts to know they are not alone in their own silent suffering. I speak truths that used to be buried deep.

I have healed in more ways than you can possibly imagine and I will continue to do so. I speak from a place of innocence, love, and vulnerable strength.

My writing is intense. Because I am wild and free and my life in the past was intense. I Have PTSD. I have gone from panic attacks in the ER to being panic attack free. I am also Autistic. I love being autistic and I would not change a single neuron in my brain unless it was to find myself more divinely attuned to love. This is not to say autism isn’t difficult to navigate in this world because it absolutely is and quite often it is debilitating.

I am also chronically ill and a spoonie. Please leave any and all labels, judgements, and ableism at the door of my sacred space. I choose how to define myself.

I am all that I am and I will not be silent because my truth is uncomfortable. My communication style is different because my brain is different. I am absolutely one hundred percent okay with being Autistic and have written in depth about my journey. You can learn more here:

Welcome to my page. Welcome to my space. Please ask me to clarify if you are ever alarmed or confused about what I write.

Sometimes, I lose words completely. Sometimes, they come so fast I cannot catch them all. I firmly believe when we speak our truth the world heals a little, one heart by one heart. My words are not for the faint of heart, the new age ableist, or those who believe mental health issues, body issues, or health problems are created by demons. I had quite enough of that in the church. I also do not believe in high or low energy, or high and low functioning. We are all as we are, no more no less.

I was made this way. I am me. I am one. I have risen from deep and painful depths. My life is mine to do as I see fit. (Without ever hurting another or crossing boundaries intentionally.) My voice is mine to speak my truth as I (and the divine) see fit. This is my line in the sand. May all who cross this line and enter here honor this or depart with love.

I may be vulnerable. But do not for one second assume that I am weak.

-Angel Marie Russell

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