Autism: Burnout

Autistic Burnout is a real thing. When you have Autism everything is a little more taxing. Our systems are processing information both from the senses, communication, and the body in different ways that can be more taxing than an Allistic person.

 I often find that if I don’t take frequent breaks when I’m working I can get overwhelmed and frustrated easily. Homework and research can become more taxing for me, and often I have to re-read the same page in a book over and over. When I get to that place I usually make myself take a break, walk the dog, have a stretch, or take some deep breaths. This is usually enough to help me reset. 

If it is finals time in school or I am trying to meet a deadline and I have to work past my own limits I will often find myself completely exhausted. If I work past this point I will find my self really ill suffering from my autoimmune disease, and completely exhausted. It may be a little worse for me because of my autoimmune disease but all Autistic people can suffer from burnout.

I got this handy graph from Amythest Schaber’s facebook page via Autism Women’s Network to help us regulate and understand Autistic Burnout. What helps you to regulate this?

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