Autism: New Age Curing Malarky 

I’m autistic and I do not want a cure. Nor do I think my energy is “off” or that I have unintegrated shadow work to do. I did a soul retrieval and it helped me heal immensely. In fact it helped me become more wholly aligned with who and how I truly am. It healed energetic rifts that kept me separated from my body from trauma.

But I did not want it to cure my natural state. I did not seek it to become less of what I am. I am different. My way of being is different.

When I was in a new age community in Texas I was bullied and rejected much in the same way I was in secondary school.

I was told something was off or “different” in a bad way with me. I was told I needed to do soul work. I was told there was something wrong with me.

I’ll tell you what is wrong. Judging a person’s energy as less than, broken, off, low vibration, or unaligned. Moving and communicating the way I do is exactly the way I am meant to move and communicate.

Just because it is not the same way you do it does not mean I am somehow not aligned or healed. It does not mean my chakras are not aligned or my soul is still fractured. In fact, I believe the exact opposite is true. My true state of being is as an Autistic person. I see and hear differently. I love differently. I think differently. And I no more need a new age spiritual cure than I need a medical one.

I was made this way and I am proud of who I am. I think everyone could benefit quite a bit by allowing space for all our differences as humans before we start labeling and rejecting others, even within our so called “awakened” communities. I’m a little sick of the judgement and lack of acceptance I’ve encountered when surrounded by the love and light tribe. All beings should be welcome in all their differences.

Stop judging and shaming people with spiritual bypassing. All beings should be free to be all that they are without judgement, rejection, ridicule, and shame. This includes the disabled, the abled, the verbal, the non-verbal, LGTBQ, the human, the animal, the insect, the tree, the waters, the land, the deaf, the ill, the well, the addicted, the recovered, the religious, the atheist, the spiritual, the scientist, all races and cultures. We all need love and compassion. That’s where it all starts, love and compassion. Listen to understand. Ask to understand. Be a bridge of understanding in your communities and help heal this world.

-Angel Marie Russell

#spiritual #hypocrites

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