Neurodivergence and Covid 19 Transition

Neurodivergent friends, during this Covid 19 time please remember:

*Staying informed is important but that hyper focus can cause an anxiety loop.

*Transitional times are the hardest times to reset routine but try as best you can to set a new one. Start with doing something the same time everyday.

*Many of us are on the most at risk list but try to inform those close to you with compassion. People without symptoms can transmit the disease. Family visits are not advised.

*Make a plan for meltdown/shutdown. If living with others go over this plan together. If living alone find a safe buddy you can call to help you and go over what helps to help you.

*Remember if you are hypo sensitive to food and set alarms to remember to eat and drink. If you are hyper sensitive try to not eat or drink too much. Find an oral stim tool.

*Fall back on your special interests but remember to set breaks for moving and food and water.

*Move your body to help self regulate. Find YouTube videos on some form of exercise or dance. There is even hand dancing like from the show magicians if you are unable to fully move.

*Wash your hands. Clean your house, but if doing it with anxiety try to take a break to reset.

*Try to stick to a new routine so you can get some sleep. Sleep is very good to keep up health and at these transitional times sleep can be hard for us.

*If you are really struggling reach out to safe friends.

Stay strong. Stay safe. 💛✊

Feel free to add things that have helped you in the comments.

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