Hi, my name is Angel Marie Russell. I am a neurodivergent mental health advocate, writer, musician and artist devoted to sharing my experience with autism and PTSD as a survivor of domestic violence and child abuse through writing, music and art.

​I am the writer and creator of Sergeant Sparrow, a music, art and literary blog, Lost Ghost, a poetry and writing blog, and creator of the Facebook page, PTSD survivors of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse under the moniker Sparrow Wise.

I also run the facebook page and instagram Aspie Angel where I share my experience being autistic and all that it entails including the illnesses that often come along with autism. I have been unable to work since 2014 due to multiple diagnosis including, PTSD, Autism, SPD, Ulcerative Colitis, Pancreatitis, and Lyme Disease. I work when I can from bed creating works of art, writing, poetry and advocating online.

​Before I became ill I was a touring musician and have multiple albums available on my bandcamp. I play the trumpet, mellophonium, piano, guitar, bass, and drums and percussive instruments including the spoons. All of my albums are in different styles of music and each was written and recorded by me, except where otherwise specified.

Before illness and life prevented me from doing so ​I was also silversmith. I ran a jewelry business called Sparrow Made Co. and that website is still available to view my works.

PTSD: https://www.facebook.com/PTSDsurvivorsparrowwise
Autism: https://www.facebook.com/Aspie-Angel-113141966031769/


Lost Ghost: (poetry)

Sergeant Sparrow:




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