Neurodivergence and Covid 19 Transition

Neurodivergent friends, during this Covid 19 time please remember: *Staying informed is important but that hyper focus can cause an anxiety loop. *Transitional times are the hardest times to reset routine but try as best you can to set a new one. Start with doing something the same time everyday. *Many of us are on... Continue Reading →

Alexithymia and Autism an Autistic Perspective

An Autistic Percpective @autie_angel 10/23/2019 Angel Marie Russell I have been sharing about alexithymia because I have it. Some of the articles about it online can be triggering because they again try to say we lack empathy. I disagree. I can't explain my emotions with words or readily recognize them but I can empathize when... Continue Reading →

Different is Good

I have felt different my whole life, not just different but broken, crazy, and misunderstood. I do not have the words for how it feels to have 35 years of my life go by with few real forms of connection to others, being yelled at everyday in school, being bullied, ostracized, and physically threatened and... Continue Reading →

Other Hearts

For the past three years I have worked in advocacy online. I have learned so much about the human condition, core beliefs, how and why people should care about issues that don't concern them directly, and people in general. I've bared my heart more than I ever had in the past to reach those aching... Continue Reading →

You Are Worthy

Before I found out I was autistic I learned really unhealthy thoughts to cope with the world around me. I believed for certain that I was born under an unlucky star. I thought no matter how hard I worked or how dedicated I was I would never really succeed. I believed that I would never... Continue Reading →

What Is Autism

WHAT IS AUTISM? "Autism is a genetically-based human neurological variant. The complex set of interrelated characteristics that distinguish autistic neurology from non-autistic neurology is not yet fully understood, but current evidence indicates that the central distinction is that autistic brains are characterized by particularly high levels of synaptic connectivity and responsiveness. This tends to make... Continue Reading →

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